The future of sealing solutions. Today.

DENSIQ Group is a leading European producer and supplier of sealing technology. We offer products within static, dynamic, and rotating sealing solutions and a broad range of connected services, including on-site machining and leak sealing during operation. DENSIQ Group works closely with the customer, allowing us to offer the highest operational reliability and minimize downtime. The DENSIQ Group family is constantly growing, and we strive to have a broad working force with varied vital competencies that can contribute to a diverse working environment.


Worldwide reach, nordic heritage

+150 employees worldwide

+320 million SEK revenue

+100 years of experience

The company was founded in 1918, by a group of engineers from the shipbuilding industry. Over the years, the company has grown from being a local supplier of sealing solutions into a leading European partner within sealing technology.

DENSIQ Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Investment AB Latour.

Nordic heritage.