DENSIQ Sweden, Norway, and Finland are leading suppliers of total solutions in sealing technology to the process industry. This is made possible by working closely with our customers and having knowledgeable and committed employees and the market’s most robust range of services, products, and technical consulting.


DENSIQ supplies a wide range of sealing technology products for all industries & different types of applications. The range includes quality-assured solutions in static, dynamic, and rotary joints that correspond to the industry’s ever-increasing demands for reliability, availability, and service.


DENSIQ offers specialized services for planned shutdowns for overhaul and emergency maintenance onsite at the customer. In addition, DENSIQ’s Service Team carries out advanced specialist services in the field of maintenance technology – from analysis and proposals for preventive measures to operational service work and attending during shutdowns for maintenance.


DENSIQ offers training, courses, seminars, and technical advice regarding sealing technology. Moreover, we help select the right technology and technical solutions for the customer’s unique needs. Apart from comprehensive production quality control, DENSIQ also offers material tests based on the customer’s specific wishes. We aim to increase our customers’ knowledge to attain efficient sealing solutions with safe plants and long operating times.