DEPAC is one of the technical forerunners among manufacturers of mechanical seals. The company, based in Eschen (Principality of Liechtenstein), was established in 1983 to make stationary mechanical seals available to the process industry – only dynamic mechanical seals had been used previously. As a result, DEPAC established itself rapidly as an innovation driver in the industry. DEPAC has continued to advance this technological lead based on several applications for patents and registered designs. Today, products from DEPAC are used in over 30 countries worldwide.

A word from Daniela Mair, CPO at DEPAC

Could you please give us a recap of the year and tell us any special initiative within the production team that has been interesting during the last year?

Last year we built new internal structures to work faster and more efficiently (lean management). The complete integration of our products into the ERP System was challenging and exciting. However, within this connection, we could optimize some of our processes.

In this project, we also adapted and optimized a significant turning and milling machine and gained a lot of capacity. We have started redesigning our workplaces, which we want to design ergonomically to shorten distances and optimize them for the benefit of our employees.

To constantly improve and increase our performance is our daily goal.