A word from our HR Director, Liselotte Lindell

The people at DENSIQ come from different backgrounds and expertise, and with a can-do attitude, we find the best sealing solution for our customers. We are entrepreneurs working in the strength of large company ownership, have great industry knowledge, and dare to break new ground. 

Our people promise

We will do our utmost to create a profitable, secure, fun, sustainable, and challenging workplace, One DENSIQ. We will provide a clear purpose, objectives, and the possibility to develop and secure that needed processes and tools are available. Change and growth are uncomfortable, it will not always be easy, and you will be challenged. However, we believe you grow in balancing challenges and abilities. If you succeed, then our business will grow accordingly.

Our people request

You need to invest your time and commit to challenging yourself, work towards your strategy, and have the courage to succeed through failure. In DENSIQ, we are all responsible for ourselves, our colleagues, and the success of our company. We set the tone for the future.

Liselotte Lindell, HR Director


Our values guide us in how to make decisions, how to do business and how to prioritize every day.

Foundation & security

Ensuring DENSIQ has a solid foundation with accurate processes and systems in place. Provide our employees clarity in what to achieve and how to do it.

Growth & development

Increase management and leadership skills to drive and enhance performance. Secure key competencies and create an environment for strong collaboration between functions, teams, and sites.


Keep our employees motivated and focused on reaching their full potential. Ensure that our employees and competence are the basis for building our company.