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DENSIQ is a leading supplier of total solutions in the field of sealing technology to process industry. DENSIQ has been operational since 1918.
DEPAC is one of the technically leading manufacturers of mechanical seals. Today, products from DEPAC are used in over 30 countries around the world.
VM Kompensator is manufacturing fabric, rubber and metal expansion joints. Flexible solutions for air and flue gas for over 25 years.

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About us

DENSIQ Group is a leading European producer and supplier of sealing technology. We offer products within static, dynamic, and rotating sealing solutions and a broad range of connected services, including on-site machining and leak sealing during operation. DENSIQ Group works closely with the customer, allowing us to offer the highest operational reliability and minimize downtime. The DENSIQ Group family is constantly growing, and we strive to have a broad working force with varied vital competencies that can contribute to a diverse working environment.


Worldwide reach, nordic heritage

+150 employees worldwide

+320 million SEK revenue

+100 years of experience

Hello Krister Seleskog


Many things have happened in a short period of time at DENSIQ. In 2015, Krister Seleskog took over as a CEO for DENSIQ and initiated the journey to build up DENSIQ Group: a rapid journey with many learning opportunities over the years. We met up at the office located in Gothenburg to get a quick recap of those years from Krister.

”We have a fantastic group of employees who are all willing to walk the extra mile.”

You have been the CEO of DENSIQ since 2015. Let us start by simply asking what has been the biggest challenge and what are the main goals for the future?

First of all, it has been a fantastic journey, with a great team and a very supportive owner. It was quite clear from the start that we had a very solid business to grow from and the main challenge has been to develop and complete our offer, as well as to expand the geographical reach. It ́s a journey that we continue today, with the aim of becoming a truly international and complete group within sealing technology.

In 2021 you made a new acquisition when DENSIQ bought DEPAC. Tell us more about this business and how it has affected all the companies in the DENSIQ Group.

The acquisition of DEPAC is the fourth since I started. It is also the largest one, adding almost 30% to our turnover and expanding our geographical presence to several new countries and continents. By adding DEPAC we have become one of few manufacturers of mechanical seals. It has been an important goal for us to have our own R&D and production within this field and our ambitions are high, to put it mildly. It will affect the other companies within the group in a very positive way. Not only do we get 60 new and highly skilled colleagues, it also strengthens our offer to the market by adding mechanical seals to the current portfolio. I would say that our complete offer within sealing technologies is among the strongest in the market.

Over the years, business has been good for DENSIQ. What do you consider the main reasons for this success?

It’s a very easy question to answer. Surround yourself with good and ambitious people and the success will come. It’s as simple as that. We have a fantastic group of employees who are all willing to walk the extra mile. I strongly believe that the individual possibility to influence in combination with a high customer focus makes us succeed as a group.

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