A word from our Quality and Environmental Manager Fredrik Sjödell

A picture of Fredrik our sustainability manager

In your role as Quality and Environmental Manager at DENSIQ Group, can you tell us about some projects and action points that have been important from a customer’s point of view regarding sustainable initiatives during the year?

I am very proud that our entire group has demonstrated our commitment to always working safely. By doing this, we contribute to our customers’ safety performance in a positive way.

We have continued to improve our health & safety key indicators and are aligned with our long-term health & safety objectives. For example, our LTI (Lost Time Incidents) was 0 for 2021, which is a significant improvement compared with 2020.

We have developed and tested our lubricant ’EcoLube IQ’ and now have the EcoLabel license. Thus, we can offer our customers a lubricant specifically designed for threaded fasteners, which is a better, safer, and more environmentally sound solution.

Many of our units have switched to 100% renewable energy for heating and electricity during the last year. Thereby positively contributing to our environmental footprint.

For the year 2023, what will be the main focus points for sustainability?

I look forward to seeing how we can transform our products and services into more sustainable solutions!

From our stakeholder analysis, we see that our customers continue to focus on areas such as creating a motivating and healthy workplace. In addition, reducing CO2 and fossil fuels means efficient production and, overall, focusing on environmental impact. One of our projects supporting this is having all our units certified according to ISO 14001. Additionally, we continue to motivate all our departments to initiate and deliver improvement projects in our focus areas and contribute to our overall sustainability targets.

What are the general sustainability focus areas?

Quality, Health, and Safety; we strive towards our vision of ZERO work-related illnesses and accidents. 100% customer satisfaction with delivering service/products, consistently delivering excellent customer service and customer experience.

Climate impact; is where we strive to reduce our CO2 emissions in our operations and value chain.

Circularity; our operations, services, products, and solutions contribute to increased resource efficiency and circular material flow.

Sustainable supply chain; we ensure ethics, transparency, and value creation in our business.